Today we did a practical demonstration on how the digestive system works, or as the children will explain it to you “we made poo”.

We used bran flakes and beans as the food and juice to be the saliva to help to brake it all down. We mashed it all up with our hands (chewing) before it went through the oesophagus into the stomach. Here it was mixed with stomach acids (more juice) before it continued its journey into the large and small intestines. The water was squeezed out here and the solids continued on into the rectum.


We have started our topic on Victorians and today we were thinking more about what it means to be a historian. We talked about primary and secondary sources and all the things around us that can give us clues or tell us things about the past.

This got us thinking about street names and we wondered how Rosendale Rd and consequently our school got its name. As a challenge maybe your child can check out some sources and find out how!!

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