Weekly Round up

This week in year 4 we have had a jam packed learning week

.In English we have been planning our own version of Baboon on the moon and had great fun thinking about jobs our character could do. We had many different and creative ideas. One of my favourites was making sure that the planets continued to travel around the sun.

In Maths we have continued our topic on place value we looked at partitioning numbers in different ways and then looked at placing numbers on number lines.

In reciprocal reading we continued our class book ‘Varjak Paw.’  We have learnt that the countessa has died and that might mean bad news for the family of cats that live with her.

Next weeks spellings are:


Have a wonderful weekend.


In tomorrow’s lesson on Brazil, we’re going to be finding out about the climate in different regions of Brazil, including in the city of Manaus.

Here’s a challenge you could try before the lesson:  find Manaus on the map and try to find out what the pictures below are showing.

meeting of waters2

Book and Tell

In 4TM we have launched Book and Tell. Every child will have the opportunity to bring in a book, one they particularly enjoy or has some special meaning to them. They will spend 5 minutes sharing their book with the class. They could talk a little about what the book is about, their favourite character/s, they could even read an excerpt from their book.

This is a great opportunity for children to share their reading experiences with their peers. Book and Tell will start next Friday. There is a timetable in the classroom for this first half term so children will know when their day is coming up.

Watch this space for all the Book and Tell recommendations. 🧐

Fronted adverbials

In English today we looked at making our writing more interesting with the use of Fronted Adverbials.

Using our story mountains for Baboon on the Moon, children added fronted adverbials to their writing. For example, “ a Baboon lives in a wooden house in the moon”. Becomes “Way up above the clouds, a Baboon lives in a wooden house on the moon”. Much more interesting I’m sure you agree.

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