Religion and Worldviews

In our lessons on religion and worldviews, we’ve learned so far that most people in most countries and cultures at most times have had religious faith – and that, today, there are billions of people across the world who have religious faith.  For the next part of our project, we want to explore, and to try to understand more about, why and how faith is important in different people’s lives. We will start by finding out about well-known athletes with strong religious faith. But we would also like to ask whether there are any parents or carers who could come into school (or suggest others who might be invited to come into school) to talk with the children about the role that faith plays in their lives.  


In English this week, we discussed the notion of banning sweets to avoid litter in our local area. As you can imagine we had some strong opinions on this.

We planned our arguments and had a mini debate in class, using lots of persuasive language to get our points across..


We have finished our work on multiplication and division. Well done guys!

Next week we will be going on to learn more about calculating the area of a shape. As with most areas of maths children will find that there knowledge of times tables and multiplication will come in useful when learning Area.


All parents and carers are invited to attend the curriculum evening on Thursday 23th January, 6.30pm – 7.30pm explaining how we teach reading in KS2.  The session will also offer advice on how you can support your child’s reading at home. 

Miss Boothroyd, Deputy Headteacher and Mr Criddle, Lead Practitioner and Head of Year 2 will present the session.

We are able to provide a crèche facility but this must be booked by Monday 20th January.  If you would like to book a crèche place, please email


This week in English we are working on our persuasive writing.

Children are going to be using their persuasive writing skills to write a letter to Mrs Atkins convincing her of the reasons why we shouldn’t use single use plastic at school.

Today we discussed the impact the use of plastic is having on the environment. I was impressed and heartened by just how aware of these issues the children are.


Today in PE we continued with our ‘boot camp‘. We have begun recording how many of the different exercises we can do in a minute.

As the weeks go on we would expect our technique, stamina and overall fitness to improve.

Ask your children about the different exercises we have been doing.

Rosendale Book Club

Today in 4TM children were re – introduced to Rosendale Book Club. This can be accessed online from home and is a site where children can leave book reviews about the books they have read and read other reviews to find out what books they could be reading. It is a fun way for children to share thoughts and opinions about the books they are reading and encourages children to get reading more to fill up there bookshelf.

There are lots of books on our site and if any aren’t there then children can let me know and they’ll be added to the club. Children were given there Username and Password today, which they need to leave a review.

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